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Young Performers Academy


Dance • Act • Sing
Thursdays 5.30 - 8.00pm

The YOUNG PERFORMERS ACADEMY (YPA) is a weekly academy in Musical Theatre Arts, it is ran each week by Miss Sophie and her team of teachers, each specialising in their subject. There are 3 age groups 7 - 8yrs (Juniors), 9 - 11yrs (Inters)  and 12 yrs + (Seniors). Each age group has a 50 minute dance session, 50 minute drama session and a 50 minutes singing session, with a different teacher for each session. Each term at YPA we work towards putting on a SHOWCASE of the musical we have been working on all term, in a local theatre.


The children are taught various dance styles and steps from musicals and also learn the many different styles of dance within musicals. They will learn basic jazz dance technique, which is used in all musicals and the emphasis will mainly be on performance and increasing the children's dance vocabulary. The dance classes are lots of fun and we often combine the songs they are learning in their signing class with the dance routines also.

The children work on confidence building, improvisation, acting techniques and voice projection. They will learn a script from the Musical we are working on that term. 

 In the singing session each week the children work on songs from musicals, studying vocal harmonies, singing and breathing techniques as a group, in duet's and as a solo singer. They will learn and perform the songs from the Musical that we are working on that term. Our singing teacher either accompanies the children live with the piano or with our extensice range of backing tracks.

In addition to the highly trained YPA teaching team we also invite GUEST TEACHERS in each term who are currently working in the Musical Theatre/Television Industry to do work shops with the children. We have had a range of Guest Teachers, such as Liam Doyle who stared in the UK tour of WICKED! 

SDSD puts on a whole School Show every two years at the PLAZA THEATRE, STOCKPORT. The YPA children are involved in this also as well as there termly productions at a local theatre. The children also get other performance opportunities such as at the SDSD Christmas Carol Service where the children perform carols and drama readings, and we also get asked to perform at other community events we which love to get the children involved in.


We also have MINI MUSICAL THEATRE  for 3 - 4 year olds - Thursday 4.15-4.45pm. 


JUNIOR MUSICAL THEATRE for 5 - 6 year olds - Thursday 4.45-5.30pm. 


To find out more about Mini and Junior Musical Theatre, please click here.

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