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Street Dance

Come along to our very popular Street Dance classes on a Tuesday taught by Jack Robinson. You will learn all the latest funky Street Dance moves as seen on MTV, pop videos and great dance films such as 'Step Up' and 'Street Dance 3D'. Jack teaches the children all styles of street dance, including breaking, locking, popping, house and many more. He also teaches the children about the history of each dance style and where it comes from. 

These classes are a lot of fun and suitable for all abilities to enjoy.


Mini Street (3 and 4 year olds)

In this class the children will start to learn some basic street dance moves and the history behind them. Once they have mastered these moves they will start to put them into mini routines. 

Junior Street (5 - 7 year olds)

Again, in Junior Street they are still learning basic moves but now learning more different tyles of hiphop and putting them together in longer routines and combining them all together. 

Inter Street Dance (8+ years)

The children start to learn different styles of dance to different music. They will start to collaberate different pieces music and put them together to show the variety you can have in a street dance rotuine.

Street Dance Crew Class (Invite Only)

Here is where Jack will start choosing people to go into his Street Dance Crews- who compete all over the UK. They will start mastering harder choreography and more complex styles. 

Street Dance Crews- Devotion and Distinction 

Here at SDSD we have 2 Crews. The people in the crews are selected by Jack when he thinks people could be ready to start competing all around the UK. They work to a high standard and train once a week, ready for competitions. 


"Miss Sophie is an incredibly supportive and dedicated dance teacher who always encourages her pupils in an atmosphere of kindness and respect, allowing every child to shine. Since joining Sophie Dee School of Dance my daughter always looks forward to her lesson and is continuing to grow in confidence."

- Mrs McIntosh

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