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TDCI Championships

On the 27th/28th January these fabulous girlies did SDSD proud as we entered our first TDCI championship!!  Some stunning dancing from all of them, and inspirational to be around other such talented dancers!! Well done to you all - we were super proud of you all!!! Excited to build on your performances - we’re gonna aim higher than ever before now team!!



Step Ahead Comp

On Sunday 22nd and Saturday 27th the comp tem took part in Step Ahead Dance Festival.

This was our first comp of 2018 and everyone was amazing!! We were so proud of all of you! The hard work is paying off now!



Chloe Cooper - C National

Ruby Watson - C Song & Dance 
Sisters Trio - Junior Cabaret Duets & Trios 
Ava Chapman - C Tap 
Annabelle Green - Baby Ballet 
Annabelle Green - Baby Tap 
Amy Barker - D Tap 
Chloe Cooper - C Character 
Amy Barker - Inter Novice Cabaret

Gaby Mort - B Modern 

 Annabelle Green - 1st Baby Modern

Teah Warren - D National

Martha Gill - C National 
Martha Gill - C Tap 
Isabelle Howe - Baby Ballet 
Chloe Cooper - C Modern 
Hannah Ralph - Inter Novice Cabaret 
Teah Warren - D Tap 
Teah Warren - D Modern 

Sophie Harriott - Junior Novice Modern  
Harriet Fell - B Alternative Modern 
Isabelle Howe - Baby Modern 
Esme Davies - Inter Novice Classical (Ballet)

Rebecca DeSchoolmeesteer - C National
Chloe Cooper - C Song & Dance 
Freya Shaw & Martha Gill (joint)- C Modern 
Ava Chapman - Inter Novice Cabaret (Song & Dance) 
Isabelle Howe - Baby Tap 
Hannah Ralph - D Tap 
Chloe Cooper - C Ballet 
Tap Trio - Inter Tap Duets & Trios 
Rebecca DeSchoolmeester - C Character 
Amy Barker - D Ballet 
Lyrical Duet - Inter Modern Duet & Trios 
Amy Barker - D Modern 

Edward Johnson - A Ballet (joint) 
Ruby Nesbitt - A Ballet (joint) 
Harriet Fell - Junior Novice Character & National Combined

Freya Shaw - C National 
Edward Johnson - Junior Novice Tap 
Sophie Harriott - B Tap 
Esme Davies - C Song & Dance 
Freya Shaw & Chloe Cooper (joint) - C Tap 
Ruby Nesbitt - A Character 
Harriet Fell - B National 
Ava Chapman - Inter Novice Cabaret (lyrical) 
Freya Shaw - C Character 
Hannah Ralph - D Ballet
Acro Duet - Inter Modern Duets & Trios 
Hannah Ralph - D Modern

Ruby Nesbitt - Junior Novice Modern 

 Harriet Fell - B Song & Dance (joint) 

 Ophelia Flavin - Inter Novice Classical 

 Raphie Davies - E National (joint)

Kathryn Foster - E National (joint) 

Raphie Davies - E Alternative Modern (Joint)

Adjudicators Choice 
Chloe Cooper - Character 
Ruby Watson - Song & Dance 

Baby Classical Aggregate 
Baby Cabaret Aggregate 
Inter Classical Aggregate 
Inter Cabaret Aggregate 
D Cabaret Aggregate 
Highest Mark Inter Novice 
Junior Cabaret Duets & Trios 

Adjudicators Choice Trophies 
Most Promising Novice 
Most Promising Inter Cabaret 
Most Classical Potential

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SDSD Held Their First Dance Festival

On the 18th,19th, 25th and 26th November Sophie Dee School of Dance held their first ever Dance Festival- The Sophie Dee Dance Festival!!


Schools from all over the North West came together to compete. We had such an amazing turn out and the festival was a great success! There were some fantastic dancers, performances and choreogrpahy shown. We had some lovely feedback from schools, teachers and parents. We are so proud of our team that helped the weekends run so smoothly and to all our dancers!! A big thank you to everyone who was involved we definitley could not have done it without you all!!! 

See below for our results-

Int Classical trios - Freya, Hannah & Connie
Int Cab Duets no Song - Amy and Chloe 
Int Classical Duets - Connie and Freya 
Jun Cab Trio - Sisters 

C Ballet - Freya 

B Tap - Harriet

C Character - Martha

Jun Greek- Freya
C Tap - Ava 
C National - Esme

A Modern - Emily

Baby Tap - Annabelle
B Character - Rebecca
Snr Nov Tap - Raphie
A National - Ruby N
Jun Nov Mod - Gabby 
Int Nov Tap - Hannah 
Snr Nov Character - Raphie

S&D Trio Inter - 2nd - Mermaid trio 
Jun Cab Duets - Kitty and Emily 
Int Cab Duets no song - Dancing Fool (Esme, Ava, Freya)
Int Classical Duets - Chloe and Rebecca 
Inter Groups - Wonderland 
Junior Groups - Show Off 

Baby Ballet - Annabelle
Jun Nov Tap - Gabby
A Tap - Kitty 
B Character - Ophelia 
Int Nov Song and Dance - Esme 
Jun Nov Ballet - Ruby N
Int Nov Mod - Ruby W

C Tap - Freya 

E National - Raphie 
C National - Freya
D National - Teah

Jun Cab Duets - Harriet & Rebecca 
Snr Classical Duets - Raphie & Kathryn

C Ballet - Chloe and Connie (tied)

C Tap - Esme and Martha (tied) 
C National - Chloe 
D Character - Amy
Baby Ballet - Isabelle 
A Modern - Kitty
B National - Rebecca 
D Tap - Amy 
B Ballet - Rebecca 

A National - Emily
Int Nov Char - Ava 
C Modern - Freya 
A Ballet - Emily 

C Character - Esme 
C Lyrical - Freya 
C National - Ruby 
E Modern - Raphie 
D National - Hannah

A Tap - Emily 

Int Nov Song and Dance - Ava

Jun Nov Mod - Sophie 
B Modern - Rebecca


Most promising junior Novice - Gabby 

Most promising Senior Novice - Raphie 
Most promising Inter Classical - Freya 
B Classical aggregate - Rebecca 
Most authentic national - Hannah 
Highest mark Novice - Raphie 
Constant effort award - Ruby W 
Best Choreography of the festival - Wonderland 
School trophy - SDSD


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Halloween Party 2017

We all had an amazing time at today's Halloween parties - so much fun and everyone went to so much effort you all looked super fabulous we were so impressed, but well done to Chloe, Caitlin and Emily who won the best costume prizes!!! 

Massive thank you to ALL the helpers who made today's parties possible, we really appreiate your help!! Thanks to our wonderful Miss Liz who looked super scary today for all her help and it was also lovely to have Miss Hayley back with us too!! Fab afternoon, love our SDSD Family so much!! 

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