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Rhythmic Rascals Dance Parties

1.5 hours (Recommended ages 3-5 years). Maximum number of children is 30.


Full of excitement, fun and imagination, children will look forward to a themed dance party appropriate for Girls and Boys. The party will be lead by a member of our fabulous party team. (Parties with 15 - 30 children will require one of our assistant party helpers also).

Party Structure 

Firstly the children will embark on an adventure based on one of our exciting three themes that they can choose prior to the party; there will then be a break where they will eat their party food and cake (provided by you). Finally it will be time to dance to their favorite pop songs (they can tell us their favourites), learn some great dance moves and enjoy some dance related games

30mins – Adventure Time                                            

30mins – Party Food                                                               


30mins – Dinky Disco

Adventure Themes

Please choose from one of our adventure themes below and let us know when you book your party.

Princess and Pirates

The children will be invited to the magic castle for their special ball, but on their journey they come across some pirates, that they must first defeat!

The Jungle

The jungle book themed party is based on Tarzan sending a letter telling the children that his friend Bubba Bear has gone missing in the jungle and he would like our help to find him.

Fairies and Wizards

Children will receive a letter and some magic dust from the Magic Sorcerer Gandalf, all the way from the Kingdom of Magic. He is requesting our help in defeating the wicked witch, as she is trying to put a stop to all good magic.

Dance Parties 

2 hours (Recommended ages 6-10 years). Maximum number of children is 30.


Does your child love to dance? Are they forever dancing in front of the TV? Do they dream of being the next big pop star or contestant on strictly come dancing? If so then one of our SDSD Dance Parties would be perfect for them.


Children will enjoy a fun dance class learning basic moves as well as some fancy tricks to wow and impress! There is a small break for their party food and cake (provided by you) before returning to the dance floor and learning an impressive routine to perform to all their parents at the end of the party to a song they have chosen from the list below prior to their party.

45 mins - Dance Class

30 mins - Party Food

alt45 mins - Dance routine

Songs to choose from for their party dance routine

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

Candy – Robbie Williams

One Thing – One Direction

Don’t Stop Believing – Glee      


£50.00 non refundable deposit must be paid to confirm a dance party booking, the remaining payment must be paid at least 7 days prior to the party. For 15-30 children 2 dance party instructors will attend. You choose the venue and arrange the refreshments and leave the entertainment to us! Props, Music, Microphone, Disco Lights and Pop Up Banner are all provided. Contact the office on 0161 485 7188 or Contact us via our website. Cancellations – If you wish to cancel, we need to be notified asap, however we have a no refund policy for cancellations within 7 days of the party date. Deposits are non refundable and must be paid to confirm your date on booking.


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